Hugimugi is a one-man studio making games

My ambition is to develop games full of uniqueness and charm,

experiences that show you much character and personality through the medium of video games.

GeloMancer Cover-art

Why I chose to cancel GeloMancer

Over 4 years in its making I’ve decided to cancel GeloMancer. History I started GeloMancer just couple of months after I started learning about game development, GeloMancer was the third game I have ever made....

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GeloMancer has a website!

GeloMancer has a website! Huh, it’s been a while. Good news, GeloMancer has a website now.  https://GeloMancer.com I’ve been very busy developing, so that’s why I haven’t been able to post often, but anyway now...

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Timer doors

Timer doors and names I’ve been working on graphics a lot lately as I said before, so that’s why I have some things to show right now. Here’s a screenshot from the beginning of the...

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