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Timer doors and names

I’ve been working on graphics a lot lately as I said before, so that’s why I have some things to show right now. Here’s a screenshot from the beginning of the game, where there are timer doors in couple of first puzzles.

These timer doors are pretty simple and nothing exciting, but because I need to make the art myself, it takes some time for more content to appear in the game and that’s why I haven’t done yet graphics for more interesting puzzle elements in the game.

Of course timer doors aren’t especially interesting because they have been in so many games and they themselves don’t make an interesting gameplay, but there is just small amount of puzzles in the game, that actually uses them. And when they are used, they are only used to enhance other puzzle elements to make the experience more interesting.

Bonus:  Here’s a short footage from the game.

Also I think I’ve found an interesting name for the game after weeks of smashing my brain to a wall, there were around 5 names that may be interesting but they were bit flat and not interesting so I abandoned them, fortunately I’ve come up with a name that may even be the final name. 

   Here’s a list of the names including the name that I think suits the best:

  • Slime Ridge
  • Slimeless Ridge
  • Ridge Without
  • The Ridge Without
  • Phantom Extract
  • Maple Blue
  • Gerachin
  • Gerachin Ridge
  • Parodi Ridge
  • The GeloMancer
  • GeloMancer
Try to guess which one I think suits best! 😉


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